Teaching for Mastery

14093528095_08014ed841_bThe aim of this LED Research Centre pop-up website is to build the capacity and confidence of maths lead teachers and head teachers in Primary schools to develop research-informed practice in relation to mastery approaches to teaching maths (MA2M+). The principles of mastery and obviously the issue of transition make the site also of relevance to Secondary colleagues.

This site has been created through a collaboration between the North North West Maths Hub and the Learning, Education and Development (LED) Research Centre at the University of Cumbria. The innovation project was funded by the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM). The MA2M+ project outline and materials are offered here as an accessible set of resources for schools and individual teachers to use. The NCETM resources on their own website are excellent and can be access directly at the NCETM website¬†and in effect MA2M+ is just offering a portal, a way of being guided to what we think are key resources and as LED Research Centre we adopt a critical and broader perspective. To support the development of research-informed practice, we recommend engagement with Jo Boaler’s work, for example the text ‘Mathematical Mindsets’ and her maths teaching website YouCubed.

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