Developing High Quality Teaching for Mastery in Maths in our Schools: An NCETM Innovation Project


To collaborate in professional learning and development of practice:

  1. Develop a shared critical understanding of mastery approaches in maths
  2. Develop excellence in the teaching of maths across our schools using research-informed mastery approaches
  3. Commit to school improvement planning and staff professional development related to mastery approaches, driven by head teachers and maths subject leads
  4. Develop our capacity for leadership in mastery approaches in order to support other schools in the future
  5. Have a common commitment to the evaluation and sharing of our practice and subsequent improvement
  6. Have a commitment to Growth Mindset and the basic principle that, with the right quality teaching, every child is capable of enjoying maths and becoming a good mathematician.

Schools can choose between two ways of engaging with the project:

School Development Group

To establish a group of head teachers, working with their maths subject leaders, committed to working together to push forward energetically with the development of mastery approaches to maths within their schools. This group will be aiming to evaluate, select and implement mastery approaches to maths as part of school development planning. This group will commit to additional head teacher planning meetings, between and following CPD sessions, to implement the change process. This group will be led by Michael John, Head Teacher at Kingmoor Junior, with support from NCETM (National centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics) specialist leads.

Professional Development Group

To establish a network of maths subject leads, working with their head teachers, committed to professional development through professional inquiry, in order to build expertise in mastery approaches to maths. This group will be aiming to critically evaluate mastery approaches as well as work on mathematical mindsets (Boaler, 2016). This group will commit to classroom experimentation and evaluation between CPD sessions and sharing of practice. This group will be led by Pete Boyd, Director of the Learning, Education and Development (LED) Research Centre, with NCETM specialist leads.